Saturday, March 15, 2008

Attention: all caches are on Wheelock Pkwy.

My son minibass and I like to go out "treasure hunting" together, and it's usually on Friday evening, when the early evening batch of newly published caches comes out. The first time we went out on a Friday night, it was to try for a first to find on Grey Wolf's puzzle cache Poker Night, and we spent some of the trip there on Wheelock Parkway in Saint Paul.

minibass has a frightening ability to recall much of the Saint Paul street grid and was fascinated that he had never been on Wheelock before. Ever since, every time we go out, he asks if we're going to Wheelock and gets upset if I tell him that, no, we are not going to Wheelock. I got tired of dealing with that, so I just started saying, Yes, minibass, we are going to Wheelock. We're taking Ayd Mill Road, to 35E, to 494 west, to route 169 south, and now here we are at Wheelock.

Well, I don't want to lie to the boy and (maybe moreso) don't want to screw with his sense of direction. So on Thursday, the nicest day of the year so far, minibass and I went up to Lake Como to grab Grey Wolf's puzzle cache WMCAG. I'm following Garmin auto-routing blindly, and minibass is asking Are we going to Wheelock? Are we going to Wheelock? No, we are not going to Wheelock! Meanwhile, instead of sending me left off Como Blvd onto Como Lake Dr., Garmin sends me north on Victoria, east on Ivy, south on Avon, and wouldn't you know it, west on Wheelock Pkwy, whereupon minibass yells,



Wednesday night, I went to WeekNIGHT caching in Bloomington, organized by TheCollector. I met up with seamusbleu and speedysk1 beforehand for pre-caching (one cache, as it turns out). Big crowd to grab three new two_of_hearts caches in the Moir picnic grounds, so many that I didn't cross paths with everyone there -- besides seamusbleu and speedy, I did cross paths with sir_zman, cstjohn (happy that she traded her Super Secret pathtag to me... oops), minnesotabrad, oneied_cooky, MN_Cavepeople, casinoman, and MDarkarrow. After the first two caches, seamusbleu, MN_Cavepeople, and I walked to the third, while the others drove around to it, and then we moved on to two more. We found the first and DNF'ed the second, a multi, but I did find a dead fox. Meanwhile, the others chose Bennigan's over Applebee's, and we caught up to them. We were seated next to an equally large group of spelunkers. I thought we should have challenged them to a game of darts or Red Rover or something. They looked an awful lot like geocachers.


Saturday I took the mini-DOUBLE-bass to TheCollector's Luck of the Irish event in Burnsville. Besides many of the people I saw Wednesday, it was nice seeing knowschad again and meeting Good-Boy, Good-Girl, Sandtracker and Arcticabn for the first time. We did not run into Wheelock in Burnsville.

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