Thursday, June 5, 2008

The A/V 1B

I know you're asking yourself, How can I get more exciting 1B content? Sure, essays and anecdotes about geocaching and geocachers are fine, but where are the podcasts and videos? Where is the multimedia 1B experience?

Well, wait no longer. After WeekNIGHT caching last night, sir_zman of the Twin Cities Geocaching Podcast interviewed me, and Silent Bob (Bill Roehl) of the Lazy Lightning blog made a video of the interview. Here is the link to Bill's post, and here is the video, somewhat NSFW:

Originally uploaded by Bill Roehl

sir_zman's podcast version, cleaned up for family consumption, should be available soon.

If this is my youtube gotcha moment, then I can deal with it. I mean, I didn't kick any cats or start break-dancing or pick my nose or scream at any co-workers. And I was not drunk. In the interest of full disclosure, during the two hours before this interview, I ate a Panino Brothers Von Braun sandwich (very good, but I did not photograph it) and drank a Guinness (that I bought) and a Pabst Blue Ribbon that Bill bought me (Gee, thanks!) because I walked into a lake up to my chest with my clothes on. So my blood alcohol level was positive but negligible.

Good thing my wife and I are getting a mortgage on some new home coordinates -- there'll be more room to store my ever-expanding head.

I know, I know, this only whets the appetite for the A/V 1B. Stay tuned for an outtake from the Twin Cities Geocaching Podcast in which I tell the story of receiving the head of a cow in the mail.


Anyone want to sell me a Wii? I might be the only person in the Twin Cities who owns a Wii Fit but no Wii. I own an expensive slab of useless plastic. I thought I might have to hide this inexplicable purchase from my wife, but, bless her heart, she's more excited about Wii Fit than I am. Now if we could only play it!

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