Tuesday, June 10, 2008

An "incredible cacher"?!

In his most recent episode of the Twin Cities Geocaching Podcast, sir_zman refers to me as an incredible cacher. What? By "incredible", he must have meant "It's incredible to me that firstbass was willing to act like a fool in front of my microphone. This is Podcast Comedy Gold!" (That's gold, Jerry, GOLD!)

The TCGCPC is always wide-ranging in its choice of topics, but from my self-centered point of view, the main ideas from this episode were:

1. firstbass is often drunk,

2. firstbass uses profanity liberally,

3. firstbass tells stories about decapitated farm animals, AND

4. firstbass has volunteered to work with YOUR UNSUSPECTING DAUGHTERS at a math camp. Sign up now!

My wife, a media scholar and also my PR consultant, has suggested that some "damage control" may be necessary and that I should "re-frame the conversation".

Therefore, stay tuned for videos of 1B and his adorable five-year-old twins enjoying wholesome activities -- riding bikes at the park, reading stories (about live farm animals), and learning valuable life lessons...

"Now, kids, this is a micro-cache. In the woods. Don't you think that a much larger cache could have been placed here?"

"Be honest, kids. When you get home, make sure you log your DNF."

"Kids, if you're going to take that plastic dinosaur, then we need to place something of equal value in that cache."

"Who solved this puzzle, kids? That's right, I did. Don't forget that. So before you go logging this find, think about whether that's the right thing to do."

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