Monday, February 4, 2008

Geocoins are for geocaches.

This weekend a local cacher said in a log that I was brave for activating and putting in a cache my 2007 special edition MnGCA geocoin.

I have to admit that I did hold on to it for a while. But I really wasn't enjoying it as much as I might when it's out traveling around. I love finding geocoins in caches, and I love getting logs on my own coins and bugs. So I want to handle my own small geocoin collection in the same spirit -- by putting them all out there.

We'll see if my tune changes when this or some other coin disappears. (I replaced my first two muggled caches this weekend, so I'm aware of the disenchantment this might create.) But I'm willing to take that risk in order to help create the kind of critical coin-mass in caches that I would enjoy myself.

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