Monday, February 18, 2008

V = (4/3)*pi*r^3

Thanks to sir_zman, host of the Twin Cities Geocaching Podcast, for his kind words about this blog in his 2/18/08 podcast. Since he mentioned the math content of this blog, here's a related rates problem for you: if the radius of my head is growing at a constant rate of 50 meters per second, then at what rate is the volume of my head growing when its volume is 100 cubic meters?

If my head grows to 100 m^3, then you, the reader, won't have to worry about the wild success of this blog leading to advertising content; I'll just sell ad space on my forehead. Hm, that'll make stealth difficult on those urban caches... I should rethink this.

Seriously, I don't think I have anything special to offer here. I am no fountain of knowledge about geocaching. In fact, almost every geocacher I know has more cache finds than me. But if someone sees something here that leads to another social connection -- of which I've enjoyed many already -- then it will have served its purpose. It's a sort of virtual event cache.

Thanks also to zman for choosing not to broadcast the story I told at WeekNIGHT in Cottage Grove about my disturbing the natural environment of Lakeville in reckless pursuit of a cache. I guess he didn't want it construed as endorsement of a particular brand of chainsaw. Kidding, kidding... still, I don't want it to get around.

In other news... rickrich had to remove the Where's Yoda calculator from his webspace; his ISP identified it as malware. I think it's because the puzzle is based on the Pythagorean Theorem. Shady Pythagoreans... has changed the status of my order from "unshipped" to "in progress". Could it be?! Maybe I'll have some tags to share in time for Breakfast Buddies in Richfield on Saturday... two FTFs in two days: knowschad's Little Crow and Millah's A or A ?... 25 caches on Sunday, most of them orange... in case you haven't noticed, Bobcam -- prolific Twin Cities cache hider and finder -- is 4th (down from 2nd; come on, Bobcam!) in the USA in Find Rate, according to INATN. Started at the end of September 2007, has >1000 finds... WeekNIGHT is at Ham Lake on Wednesday. I have new tires, so I might be able to make it.


R. said...

How about 5209.4 m^3/s/s. That's about a medium size house worth.

firstbass said...

Yep, that's the number I got, except the units of dV/dt will be m^3/s.

R. said...

I agree, I had too many /s 's in the result. I guess I tried to "accelerate" things a bit. Mighty big for a head. 8-)