Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I feel violated.

Last weekend I replaced the cache containers for two of my six cache hides: Plato's Five Gems: Tetrahedron and the final stage of Octahedron. These disappeared almost certainly at the hands of medallion hunters. Grey Wolf told me that lots of medallion hunters were out in Highland Park. This was before the clues started pointing towards Mounds Park.

It turns out that Millah and I were at Mounds Park the weekend before the medallion was found there. (By the way, does anyone know coordinates of the medallion's location? I bet we were close to it without intending to be.) I left with a real sour taste in my mouth for the Medallion Hunt, as you might have guessed if you saw any of my cache logs. I know that many geocachers are medallion hunters (Cooler Crew?), but we came across some pretty surly characters that day. That's what $10,000 does to you, I guess. I imagined having a conversation with someone like this... "You mean you look for stuff that's not worth anything?" "Ah, but the value of a smiley!" :)

So, what happens here? I'm guessing people get excited when they see the container, run back to their car, and when the payload isn't in there, they chuck my lock'n'lock, complete with camo paint, right into the nearest trash can.

On the other hand, I haven't had any geocoins or travel bugs stolen yet, knock on wood, so my Faith In Humanity ratio remains high. Just think if King Boreas lost 1/3 of his caches in one day!

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