Thursday, February 14, 2008

Where's "Where's Yoda?"?

Blogger has disabled my page Where's Yoda? due to a violation of Terms of Service. I doubt that it's because there is a photo of a Yoda Pez dispenser that I did not take myself. Reading the discussion groups, I think that a bot has identified the script on that page as spam. Many people are finding it difficult to get responses out of Blogger, so I am not optimistic that it will be up and running anytime soon.

Anyone have suggestions on where to host this little calculator? I don't want to put it on my work web space, and I don't want to pay.

When our local cache reviewer asked me to move that calculator off this blog, because Groundspeak doesn't want cache pages linking to commercial sites, he was doing me a favor; otherwise, this blog would now be disabled. Who knows, maybe it will be soon, and I'll have no idea why and no way of finding out.

UPDATE: rickrich has generously offered to host the Where's Yoda? calculator. Blogger can take their sweet ol' time. And they will.

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